Our Services

Flow-Through Services

Our Partnership Tax Services team works with a wide range of partnership and LLC clients intending to accomplish various economic deals. Our services focus on:

  • Modeling of partnership agreements for tax consequences and to ensure tax allocations and distributions follow the economic deal arranged

Venture Capital

  • Fund, Management Company, GP entities
  • Blocker entities
  • Effectively Connected Income Issues
  • Unrelated Business Taxable Income Issues
  • Carried interest planning
  • Qualified Small Business Stock
  • Warrant issues
  • Capital account maintenance
  • Foreign investment, PFICs/QEF elections and analysis, and other reporting issues
  • Installment sales, earnouts, escrows
  • Multi State tax returns
  • Reportable transactions
  • Side funds/affiliate funds

Real Estate

  • 1031 exchanges
  • Cancelation of debt income and planning
  • Restructuring loans and guarantees
  • Special allocations for promote or for depreciation or other tax benefits
  • Maintenance of capital accounts
  • Cost segregation studies
  • 179D energy efficient improvements
  • Redemptions and mechanisms for dealing with
  • Tenant In Common (“TIC”) Properties and reporting for large TIC structures

Operating business partnerships

  • Choice of entity analysis
  • Professional services firms and the unique issues to their businesses
  • Technology companies and maximizing credit flowthrough and utilization of losses
  • Partnership unit grants (stock option equivalents for partnerships)
  • Maintenance of capital accounts
  • Tax planning related to the flowthrough of income and losses for owners
  • Joint venture taxation
  • M&A including assistance with due diligence and maximization of after tax cash for partnerships and their partners
  • Conversions to corporation form
  • Technical Terminations
  • Multistate filings and composite filings on behalf of partners


Our S-corporation Tax Services team works with a wide variety of S-corporation clients in different industries. Our services focus on:

  • Choice of entity analysis
  • Utilization of losses at the shareholder level
  • Late S-elections
  • Private Letter Rulings for Late S-elections or inadvertent terminations of s-status (including due to an ineligible shareholder)
  • M&A including assistance with due diligence and maximization of after tax cash for S-corporations and their shareholders
  • Utilization and maximization of tax credits at the corporate and shareholder level
  • Multistate and composite tax filings
  • Built in Gain minimization strategies for C-corporations electing S-status
  • Phantom stock plans and stock option plans for S-corporations
  • Cancellation of Debt issues

Individual Tax Services

Our Individual Tax Services team works with individual clients to help them achieve their financial goals while minimizing their income taxes. We employ creative and innovative tax planning with a no stone unturned approach to our service offering.

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